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The majority of our events are free. You can access it for free or decide to help us financially to the extent that seems right to you. The reservation allows you to access the concert via a skip-the-line which opens 30min before the start of the event. This reservation does not give access to a table.

Qınzė – The Terraces of Vauban
25000 Besancon
+33 (0)3 81 49 75 11

Don't wait any longer

To access the events!

I consult the list of events on our calendar and book online the event that interests me. Our events are all priced at €5, one drink included.

I receive my QR Code by email that I should present on the day of the event.

The day of the event I show up 30min before and I get to the pit without waiting thanks to the queue cutter.

A bracelet will be given to you when you present the QR Code, it allows you to avoid the queue and order directly at the bar. Access to the ticket booth does not give access to the restaurant or to a table.

*On presentation of the QR Code received when booking online. Once the reserved seats are exhausted, it will still be possible to enjoy the show by queuing normally.